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“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.”
— Anonymous


1. Why challenges?

After having spent a few years teaching street photography and how to find that scene we always wanted to capture, I have realized that the best way to learn is to know what you are looking for. In all my videos, courses and workshops I always say a couple of phrases. 


¨If you know what you are looking for, it will be much easier to find it¨.
¨Practice until it becomes an instinctive act¨.

These challenges you will see below will make you to:

  • look differently

  • be focused on one result/photography.

  • Find what you are looking for more easily

  • Develop your eye

  • Be more creative and selective

Ancla 1

2. What are the challenges?

You can do the challenge that best suits you without having to follow an order, however, this order in which all the challenges are placed is not random because in each challenge, I always advise you to use previous techniques already seen in previous exercises.

How much

3. How much does each challenge cost?

No hay planes disponiblesCuando haya planes disponibles, los verás aquí.
  • A single challenge costs 59$HK and has a duration of one month

  • all challenges cost 499$HK and have a duration of 1 year.

All prices are stipulated in Hong Kong Dollars, if you want to know how much it is in your country click here.