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Manila Conection

Social and documentary photography workshop in manila.

I am one of those who believe that any place is photographable if you adapt to the environment, anywhere you can get good pictures.
Manila is another name, in Manila there are so many contrasts, people, traffic, children, dogs, roosters, everywhere!!! the scenes that you can capture with your camera in Manila can not be captured anywhere in the world, among other things because of the friendliness, friendliness and smile that Filipinos always have on their faces. Without any doubt it is one of my favorite places in the world.

Manila (/məˈnɪlə/; Tagalog: Maynilà, pronounced [majˈnilaʔ]),officially the City of Manila is the capital of the Philippines and a highly urbanized city. It is the most densely populated city proper in the world as of 2019. Manila, alongside Mexico City and Madrid are considered the world's original set of Global Cities due to Manila's commercial networks being the first to traverse the Pacific Ocean, thus connecting Asia with the Spanish Americas, marking the first time in world history when an uninterrupted chain of trade routes circled the planet.

Manila is also the second most natural disaster-afflicted capital city in the world next to Tokyo, yet it is simultaneously among the most populous and fastest growing cities in Southeast Asia.

Social and documentary photography workshop in manila

Pasig river, Baseco Beach, Navotas, intramuros, cock fighting, life style...

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