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Collector's item, VOLUME I (Edition of 5 only)

Collector´s Item VOLUME I

It is the first volume of a personal collection consisting of 4 volumes and 100 photographs, each volume has an edition of 5 copies only and will be released on specific dates.

  • VOLUME I: September 1, 2022 

  • VOLUME II: December 22, 2022

  • VOLUME III: April 15, 2023

  • VOLUME IV: August 1st, 2023

Photos volume I:
Each photograph in this collection is signed, numbered and hand annotated by the artist and are printed on 320grs matte paper and come in a deluxe black leather-covered box with the name of the collection engraved in golden letters.
 The collection comes with a letter and certificate of authenticity.

The photographs that you can find in this collection are (In order):

  1. The man who could have sat next to the woman of his dreams and didn't.

  2. The woman who was walking with her husband near the alleyway

  3. The cock that was to be painted white

  4. The kids who blocked my way into the church

  5. The lady who wore her polka dot blouse to the beach

  6. The framed doll

  7. The curse of the man who could never sleep on the ferry

  8. The lady who was personified as a mannequin

  9. The lady who felt very comfortable in very uncomfortable trousers

  10. A scene in the subway

  11. The girl in white who liked to put her hands on the ground

  12. The grandmother who looked after her grandchildren when they got tired in the airport

  13. The artist who had a spelling mistake and crossed it off

  14. The lady who had a finger in her nose

  15. The boys on the bike

  16. The boy who wished a good morning to a random Spanish photographer

  17. Security at the gates of heaven

  18. The Elegant Army

  19. The lady with woollen gloves sitting on some pallets

  20. The boy who smoked a cigarette wherever he got the balls to

  21. The lady who didn't give a damn about waiting her turn

  22. The man who drew graffiti thinking of the woman who would pass by afterwards

  23. Today's children are not given a weekly allowance but a credit card.

  24. The column separating the boys from the girls

  25. The girl who used her hijab as a handsfree to keep her hands free

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