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Master Street Photography with Miguelitor

Unlock the urban narrative with our expertly crafted online photography classes. Learn from one of the best photographers in the field and elevate your street photo skills

¨The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.”
— Dorothea Lange

Miguel Marina

Street Photographer Miguelitor

Since I was very young I have always loved being in the street, walking, investigating, observing, listening, smelling... the street is the stage of life and we, the passers-by, are in a certain way the actors on that stage. Photography for me is to capture everything that I walk, investigate, observe, observe, listen, smell on that stage, which does not only have to be the street, .... is to photograph a moment and make it beautiful, to photograph life, to give my opinion with an image.

Dive into the World of Street Photography

Join our vibrant community of street photographers. Explore, create, and share your unique perspective of the bustling streets.

¨Be selective, creative and a bit provocative with your images¨

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