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Street Photography Level I


398 US$


3 Hours


About the Course

In this first photography course, we will focus on feeling comfortable with both the camera and the scene. We will learn to:

  • Be invisible

  • Observe from a distance to photograph up close

  • Position ourselves to get the best shot

  • Exit the scene

To achieve this, we will perform a series of exercises that will improve your technique and help you develop your own style.

First Exercise: Two Points of Interest in the Frame

This exercise is the foundation of all photography. We will learn how to compose, building on what we have previously covered.

Second Exercise: Movement in the Frame

Now that we know how to find two points of interest, we will apply movement to one of them to emphasize:

  • a) what is moving

  • b) what is not moving

Third Exercise: Dividing the Frame

We will learn how to divide the frame into different scenes, making our photographs more interesting to viewers.

Fourth Exercise: Combining Techniques

We will combine the three previous exercises into a single photo. By applying these techniques, we will achieve a high-quality image.

These exercises will help you improve your technique and develop a unique style in your photography.

By the end of this workshop, you will have the appropriate knowledge and techniques to create this type of photography

Your Instructor



Miguelitor is a Spanish street photographer with extensive experience in teaching photography. He has conducted street photography workshops in several countries across Asia and Spain, sharing his vast knowledge and expertise with enthusiasts worldwide. On his website, Street Photography Academy, Miguelitor focuses on teaching his students how to observe the world around them and develop a compelling narrative through their images. His unique approach to observation and visual storytelling has helped many photographers enhance their skills and capture authentic and meaningful moments in their photographs.

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